6 Tips and 6 Apps for Success

Grab a mobile device or sit down at a computer to check out these tips and apps to help you increase focus, productivity and efficiency on the path to academic success.

  1. Plan your day with Any.DO
  2. Study actively with Evernote
  3. Create a good study location with Coffitivity
  4. Visualize and connect with Pinterest
  5. Repetition for retention with Brainscape
  6. Maintain focus with Pomodroido

Pioneer Academic and Transitional Help Center          path@uwplatt.edu      608.342.1792 
Contact: Kia Hendrickson

The PATH Office is a one-stop place for all of the resources UW-Platteville students need to be successful. As the name applies, the Pioneer Academic and Transitional Help office has a mission to help new and transitioning students at UW-Platteville chart a path for success. One of the ways this happens is with a series of one hour Student Academic Success (SAS) seminars led by peer mentors and designed to assist first-year students in their transition to campus. In addition to these sessions held during the Fall and Spring semesters, students can drop by the PATH office for one-on-one conversations about time management, planning, or even how best to talk to professors.

Instructional Center for Educational Technologies     icet@uwplatt.edu        608.342.1792
Contact: Regina Nelson

The staff at ICET is ready to help UW-Platteville students better use technology associated with university courses. Have a question about Desire2Learn or a new technology your instructor has asked you to use? The ICET Team can help students directly find an answer or find the right person to ask about any campus technology question. Want to use social media to create a personal learning network in your field of study? Or if you want to learn how to set up your own Desire2Learn online room to work with a group students in your course, let ICET show you how to use technology to your advantage.

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