ICET QuickGuide: Using the Beta Server to Test Desire2Learn 10.3

The Beta server is a test environment available to faculty to explore new features in Desire2Learn 10.3 before the upgrade takes place in June 2014. This unique testing environment is accessed through a URL different from the Desire2Learn login to current courses (also known as the production server). When logging on to the Beta Server, the course list will look similar to course lists on the current version Desire2Learn server. These courses are a copy of live courses that were captured from the production server at some past point and moved to the Beta server. Any changes made to a course on the Beta server are not made to the current Desire2Learn course. This is a testing environment only for exploration of new Desire2Learn features.


  • At any given time, the courses on the Beta server may be erased and replaced with a new snapshot of courses from the production server.
  • It is important not to create any Desire2Learn course components on the Beta server with the expectation of finding them at a later time.
  • The speed at which Desire2Learn 10.3 runs on the Beta server is not indicative of the speed that the 10.3 server will run in June when the upgrade occurs.


  • Instructor Access to Beta Server
  • NetID and password


  1. In the web browser, type
  2. Click Login with NetID.
  3. Login to the Beta server with NetID and Password.

Note: The banner in the Desire2Learn Beta instance is different than the banner in the Desire2Learn production site where the current version of course(s) are maintained.

Screenshot Beta server
Desire2Learn homepage banner

  • Access this older copy¬†of familiar courses to test out the new features in Desire2Learn version 10.3.
  • When finished testing features in Desire2Learn 10.3 immediately exit the Beta server.

Note: Do not develop course content on the Beta server. It is not backed up and can be overwritten, modified, or deleted at any time.


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