ICET QuickGuide: Uploading Assignments to Dropbox


The Desire2Learn Dropbox allows students to submit an assignment for grading and/or review. Instructors have the ability to assess and record a grade for the assignment. Once an assignment is assessed the student is able to review any feedback given by the instructor.


Read assignments carefully.  Requirements may vary from instructor to instructor and from one assignment to the next.  


  • Access to a Desire2Learn course
  • NetID and password

steps to follow: 

  1. Log into Desire2Learn
  2. Choose a course.
  3. Click Dropbox on the Navigation Bar. 

    Navigation Bar
    Navigation Bar
  4. Select the appropriate Dropbox. 

    Select Dropbox
    Select Dropbox
  5. Scroll down to the Submit Files section.
    Note: The file must be saved on a computer in order to upload it.
  6. Click Add a File.

    Add File
    Add File
  7. Click Add a File to browse for your file.
  8. Drag or drop or upload specific files from the local computer
  9. Select Add once the file(s) have been uploaded.

    Add a dropbox screenshot
    Upload File
  10. Click Submit.
    Note: A submission confirmation will be sent to UW-Platteville e-mail promptly upon clicking Submit.

    Submit Files
    Submit Files

If you need further assistance, contact or phone 608.342.1792

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