ICET QuickGuide: Posting a Video to a Discussion Topic


The most common response to a Desire2Learn Discussion Topic is a text-based message.  However, another type of response is to use a webcam to record a response and post it. This quickguide provides instructions for posting a video to a discussion topic

Note: Chrome and Firefox have security features that give warnings about mixed media.  See this article for more details.


  • Desire2Learn NetId/Password
  • Webcam


  1. Log into Desire2Learn
  2. Select the course that has the discussion forum where the video will be posted.
  3. Select More/Discussion. 

Note: There may be a Quicklink in the Content section of the course that links to the discussion.

  1. Click on the Topic of the discussion where the video will be posted.
  2. Click on the Compose button.

Discussion Post Window
Compose Groups

  1. Type in an appropriate Subject description.
  2. Locate the Insert Stuff icon on the toolbar. Insert Stuff Icon

Insert Stuff Webcam Window
Insert Stuff

  1. If the Adobe Flash message appears, click Allow.  Wait for the webcam to become active.
  2. Follow the directions listed.  
  3. Click Next  to continue.
  4. The video will be titled.  Add a description as needed.  Click Next.
  5. Click Insert.  Firefox or Chrome will not present a preview.  IE will provide a preview.
  6. Click Post.

If you need further assistance, contact or phone 608.342.1792

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