ICET Quickguide: Navigation (Desire2Learn)

Version 10.1 or Higher

Desire2Learn has so much to offer to students. Knowledge of a few key icons and frequently used menus can help students access their courses, view their grades, and manage assignments and schedules efficiently and easily.


  • Access to a Desire2Learn course
  • NetID and password

Steps to follow:

  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. The thin bar at the top of the page is called the MiniBar. This is used to navigate within Desire2Learn. 
  3. To the left of the MiniBar is a Course Dropdown list. This can be used to access courses. 

    Mini Bar
  4. Select a course.
  5. To the right of the MiniBar are three notification icons.
    • The Message Notification will notify of any messages.
    • The Update Notification will notify of any updates. 
    • The  will notify of any subscriptions. 
  6. To the far right of the MiniBar is a menu for user information and settings. 
  7. The dropdown gives the option edit profile, change notification settings, view class progress, and logout. 

    User Information and Settings
    User information and settings
  8.  Below the MiniBar is the Navigation Bar (NavBar). This provides links to course-specific tools. 
        Note: Depending on the course, the NavBar may look different. 

    Navigation Bar
    Navigation Bar
  9. Below the NavBar is the Course Homepage.
      Note: The Course Homepage will look different from course to course.

    Course Homepage
    Course Homepage

  10. The News area will display announcements specific to the course.

    News Area
    News Area
  11. The Updates area will display the number of quizzes not attempted, unread discussion messages, and number of dropboxes with unread feedback.

    Updates Area
    Updates Area
  12. On the NavBar, click Content.
  13. Content has access to items for the course. For more information on Content, review Content in Course QuickGuide.
  14. Select the Dropbox tab.
  15. The DropBox is used to upload and submit assignments. For more information on DropBox, review Dropbox, uploading assignments QuickGuide.
  16. Select the Classlist tab.
  17. The Classlist provides a list of students and instructors that are in that course. For more information on Classlist, review Classlist QuickGuide. 
  18. Select the Grades tab. 
  19. Grades will show up-to-date information on assessments. For more information on Grades, review Grades QuickGuide. 

    Navigation Bar
    Navigation Bar
  20. Under the More tab, click Calendar.

    Navigation Bar, More Tab
    Navigation Bar, More Tab
  21. The Calendar will show future deadlines.
    Note: Depending on the course, the Calendar might not show future deadlines.


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