ICET Quickguide: Edit a Grade Scheme

Version 10.3 and Higher

A grade scheme that is shown as a link can be edited. The name of the grade scheme, symbols, starting percentages, color, and assigned value percentage can be changed. A range can be removed and additional ranges can be added. Additional information on editing grade schemes can be found at Editing grade scheme  in the Desire2Learn Online Resource Center.  Following THIS link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville ICET Website. 


  • Instructor Access to a Desire2Learn course

Steps to Follow:

  1. Log into a Desire2Learn course.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click Grades from the main menu.
  4. Click Schemes from the Grade menu.

Grade Schemes
Grade Schemes

  1. Click on the grade scheme to be edited.
  2. Make changes.  See ICET QuickGuide: Create a New Grade Scheme for assistance.
  3. Click Save and Close.

Note: If a Selectbox Grade Item is used, then some of the properties of the grade scheme cannot be edited.

If you need further assistance, contact or phone 608.342.1792

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