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ICET: Atomic Learning Info

Atomic Learning

Use your UW-Platteville username and password to access Atomic Learning video tutorials. 

STATUS UPDATE: 1/14/15  5:26 PM
Some UW-Platteville users are unable to login to Atomic Learning. After entering the correct NetID and password they are redirected to an error message. We are aware of this authentication issue and Atomic Learning believes that it is a versioning issue and they have requested an upgrade from their vendor. In the interim, Atomic Learning can be accessed through Desire2Learn. After logging into Desire2Learn, click Atomic Learning in the Resource List at the top right corner. If you do not have access to Desire2Learn contact ICET for an account (608.342.1792 or


Need help logging in? See Atomic Learning Access Instructions.

Instructions for Continuing Education Faculty and Students who have been given permission to use Atomic Learning

These resources will open in a separate window and navigate away from UW-Platteville website

For information on Atomic Learning custom training and reporting features, contact ICET at or phone 608.342.1792

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