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August 27, 2013

 Firefox and Chrome?

With the release of the most recent version of Firefox (Version 23), the developers of the software have changed display settings for some content. This is also true of Google Chrome, and impacts webpages, which have mixed content. 

Mixed content is a combination of content from secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) addresses, all present within one webpage. When Firefox and Chrome load a secure page which has embedded non-secure content, such as YouTube videos or links to other public web content, the non-secure content is prevented from displaying.

Your browser version can be determined by going to


How does this impact  Desire2Learn?

What this means for Desire2Learn users is that when using Firefox version 23 or Google Chrome and attempting to view content, an alert icon may appear in the address bar of the browser. This alert icon provides a warning that the page contains non-secure content, and until the below steps are completed, the non-secure content will not display. Use the following steps to allow the content to display:

  1. Click the alert shield icon in the address bar.
  2. Select Disable Protection on This Page or Load unsafe script.
  3. The site will reload; if within Desire2Learn, users will be returned to the course homepage.
  4. Upon returning to the page or link in question, the content will now be visible.

Please note that users will need to follow these steps each time they visit a page with mixed content.

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