A 2014 wish list for blended and hybrid learning at UW-Platteville

January 1, 2014

Blended Learning Part 3

The reality is that technology and education are forever linked. The reality is that technology and (fill in the blank) is also forever linked. But, educational technology is well past its infancy. As the use of technology in instructional settings matures, the technology, itself, has also become more adaptable to sound pedagogical principles. Emerging educational technologies are typically not just fancy bells and whistles that can be shaped to use in a classroom for teaching and learning. New technologies are being designed specifically to foster student engagement and learning.

So as we welcome 2014 (mid-year for us in academia), let's pause to consider how these emerging technologies could impact and increase the level of blended (and hybrid) learning on campus.

Here's my wish list for blended learning at UW-Platteville for 2014. 

  1. I hope the new year finds us using the language of blended and hybrid learning in instructional design and development, thinking about how technology can be effectively used to help students achieve program and course objectives.
  2. I'm confident the January 8-9 Desire2Learn upgrade will go smoothly and hope the new year and new version (10.1) will be the incentive for all UW-Platteville instructors to use Desire2Learn so we can provide all students the opportunity to keep track of their courses online. 
  3. This gives me the opportunity to pass on a wish from students. They wish that the Desire2Learn grade book feature was used in all courses to allow them to always know where they stand in the evaluation of course objectives.
  4. Speaking of "standings"... I hope campus instructors join me on an exploration of how game-based elements can improve engagement in college classrooms. 
  5. The word spreads that ICET is about more than Desire2Learn and instructors take advantage of the consulting and training available on new and emerging technologies.
  6. I hope the campus community begins to see the value of social media in creating a personal learning network and we connect with thought leaders all over the world to share our ideas on what works with blended learning.
  7. We all look forward to continued emphasis on quality teaching and learning even as instructional delivery methods change and develop.

Share some or your wishes or ideas below. If you want to talk about how to move an idea forward in your UW-Platteville class, get in touch with us at ICET. 


Submitted by Sandra Smith (not verified) on

Hello, I have been a regular Distance Ed student since 2008 - I took my first classes in Print form back in 1991 - and took a long break but decided to resume my studies at UWP because I felt it was the best value. I found that in some subjects, it was very difficult for me to learn the materials without the benefit of a professor to see and hear his/her lecture. I often requested that they video tape the lectures but was told that there was no money in the budget to do so. I respectfully object! With YouTube and Streaming video, it should be quite simple to produce videos that students can view. I will be graduating this May, however - for future students, I do urge you to offer this kind of service. Distance Education Students pay the same tuition as brick and motor - but do not have direct access to campus facilities and do not drain on the campus budgets. That said; I believe that there should be plenty of room in the budget to offer these services to the Distance Ed students. Pioneering such a feature would keep UWP as a leader in Distance Education. I have entertained the thought of earning my Master’s Degree – and if I do, one of the features of that program would be to offer streaming video or YouTube videos of lectures. (P.S. Marquette University is partnering with Sonic Foundry – right now, it’s not for lectures, but they are using streaming video. Food for thought.)Thanks.

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