U.S. Department of Agriculture - Emerging Market Programs

Title: Strategy Dairy Business Development Opportunities for Tunisia and the Magherb.

Project Duration: August 5, 2005 through August 31, 2006

Target Market: Tunisia and the Maghreb

Funding Request: $264,000

  • Provide business and agricultural training to the dairy sector to enhance trade between Wisconsin, neighboring states, and Tunisia.
  • Increase agriculture sales to Tunisia.
  • Educate Tunisia participants on how to trade with Wisconsin and other U.S. businesses.
  • Increase other agriculture service sales such as consulting services, continuing education and engineering services.
  • Help Wisconsin, regional, and U.S. semi-arid region based companies understand the Tunisian market and develop business and other dairy sector contacts.
  • Develop a strong foundation of networking and business expansion between the Tunisian and the U.S. dairy industries.
Considering the needs of the Tunisia Dairy sector and the World-class dairy development industry in Wisconsin, and the surrounding region, we believe that our approach to the market has a high likelihood for success. This emerging market program will be well leveraged with talent and resources from government, academic, and business communities.

Primary Contact Person:
Louis I. Nzegwu, Assoc. Prof & Executive Director
Int. Business Resource Center
University of Wisconsin-Platteville, WI 53818
Phone: (608) 342-1597
Fax: (608) 342-1592
Email: nzegwu@uwplatt.edu

Terry R. Smith, PhD.
Dairy Strategies, LLC
2801 International Lane,
Suite 210
Madison, WI 53704-3152
Phone: (608) 245-3245 Ext. 202
E-mail: tsmith@trsmith.com