North Africa 2009

January 3-17, 2009


Prior to departing for Africa, participants will attend a mandatory orientation session on Africa. The orientation session includes, but is not limited to: the African economy and business environment; business, family, and social protocol; dress; host families; food and entertainment; instruction on using public transportation; importance of business dress, appointment keeping and promptness; and other topics as deemed necessary for a successful international experience.

In North Africa

Participants will visit businesses and cultural sites in North Africa, beginning their journey in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. Students will then travel to Tunis and Carthage, Tunisia and Spain. Presentations will be provided by local businesses, government officers and university professors, and they will include topics such as organization, products, human resources, education, training, compensation, market strategy, international marketing and other relevant topics.

A question-and-answer session for the participants will follow company and university presentations. One of the universities, the American University in Cairo, will serve as a good comparison to the university infrastructure in the United States and in Africa. Visits to universities will include a tour of the facilities.

Participants will visit the commercial division of the United States Embassy in Cairo, Nigeria, for a presentation by U.S. State Department officials on the African economy. The presentation will include explanations on functions of the U.S. Embassy. An embassy in Tunisia will be visited.

Participants will visit the Stock Exchange in Cairo, and Tunisia, where the role of the stock exchange as it relates to doing business in Africa will be explained.


Upon return from Africa, participants will attend a post-orientation to discuss experiences and outcomes of the trip.

Credits and Evaluation

BSAD 3750 is a 3 credit hour course. Students who participate in the Africa Short Study Course Tour will be evaluated on the basis of attendance at the orientation sessions, lecture presentations, and participation in group discussions. In addition, students will be required to write a research paper (about 10 pages) on a selected topic of interest. Students will also be expected to participate in all the organized site tours. A letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F will be assigned upon completion of the research report.


The Africa International Short Study Tour is open to all full-time UW-Platteville students in good standing. There is no prerequisite for BSAD 3750. This course satisfies the International Education requirement.


Estimated Total Cost for Africa Tour...$3,300
Includes all of the following: Airfare, lodging, meals-breakfast, local transportation, entrance fees, taxes, UW-System tour health insurance. Please note this projection does not include the costs for enrolling in the 3-credit course.

Financial Details

The program includes airfare, lectures, hotel accommodations, breakfast, in-country transportation, guides, taxes and fees, and mandated UW System health insurance. Financial assistance is available from IBRC for qualified participants, based on need and first come, first serve basis.


Up to eight weeks before the start of the program, all fees except the initial $250 deposit will be refunded. After this time, tuition, airline and housing cancellation charges are assessed. If the program is cancelled, all fees will be refunded. Because exchange rates and airline prices fluctuate, the IBRC reserves the right to cancel, surcharge, or alter the program.

For additional information contact:
Louis I. Nzegwu, Executive Director
International Business Resource Center
Phone: 608-342-1597