Student Quotes on North Africa

"This trip allows you to not only visit a wide variety of businesses, but it also allows you to gain key contacts for future International Business relationships."

-Lacy Gruenenfelder, 2009 Participant


"After this trip, I will hold a special bond with everyone who participated because we experienced this once in a lifetime opportunity together and it is something that can't be replaced."

-Jamey Bartz, 2009 Participant


"Learning a different culture creates a new respect for others."

-Kelsey Hall, 2009 Participant


"It was a great way to meet new people and get to know students in other social networks."

-Gretchen Newswander, 2009 Participant


"The North Africa tour was an extremely eye opening experience. It was incredible to experience a few of the many different cultures the world has to offer."

-Carissa Wepking, 2009 Participant


"This trip has made me a stronger individual and a more open minded person. On this trip I tried some things I never thought I would, and loved it."

-Doug Kirst, 2009 Participant


"Talking about Cairo does not do it justice. It needs to be experienced firsthand."

-Beau Dobson, 2009 Participant


"My stories are only words in a journal and my photos are only moments in time but my memories are irreplaceable and were major stepping stones in my life!"

-Jenna Dobson, 2009 Participant


"I was nervous going without knowing anyone, but I met a lot of new people I didn't know and became friends with many of the students who also went on the trip."

-Megan Fredrickson, 2009 Participant