United States Department of Education Business and International Education Program

Executive Summary
The University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UW-P) has identified internationalization as on of its top priorities. Over the past several years UW-P has made concerted efforts towards creating international business awareness throughout the University of Wisconsin System and specifically in Southwest Wisconsin (See Appendix J). Unfortunately, State budget constraints have seriously affected UW-P plans to facilitate its international business programs. To address these shortcomings and respond to a need for export education and assistance in Southwest Wisconsin and the tri-state area, the College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture (BILSA) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville proposes to develop an International Business Center in Southwest Wisconsin. The proposed center will help provide practical experience to students and faculty who will use this facility and offer assistance to business community in Southwest Wisconsin. The proposed two year project, will enhance the development of an Interdisciplinary curriculum and expand the international knowledge and understanding of our faculty and students. It will also develop stronger and rewarding linkages with private and public organizations. The objective of this project are broadly threefold:

  1. Develop an International Business Resource Center to offer assistance to the business community in Southwest Wisconsin. We will establish a Resource Center that will facilitate access to information, materials and research to help small and medium sized businesses develop successful foreign market strategies. The center will also engage in the study of global business.

  2. The Resource Center, will offer International Marketing Advisory Services by providing business development and training services to area businesses. We will also provide Market Research Services on a project basis to at least 5 - 10 businesses. We will develop educational materials, brochures, newsletters and resource lists on trade related information on our service areas. Faculty and students also will be able to use the resource center to develop presentation materials for research.

  3. Enhance the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum and expand the international knowledge and understanding of UW-P faculty and students. We will develop curriculum that will help eliminate overlap of horizontal courses on our campus. During the two year period, we will add a new course in global business, develop or revise our undergraduate courses. These efforts will result in the development of an International Business Certificate (College of BILSA) and a minor in International Business Studies ( College of Liberal Arts and Education). It is estimated that nearly 31 percent of UW-System faculty will retire over the next five years. New faculty require extensive training in global issues and curriculum Internationalization. BILSA initiatives proposes to send four faculty to FDIB programs offered by CIBERS. We will send two students each year of the project to Study Abroad Program in order to strengthen international knowledge of our students.

Project Duration: August 5, 2005 through August 31, 2006

Target Market: Tunisia and the Maghreb

Funding Request: $264,000

  • Provide business and agricultural training to the dairy sector to enhance trade between Wisconsin, neighboring states, and Tunisia.
  • Increase agriculture sales to Tunisia.
  • Educate Tunisia participants on how to trade with Wisconsin and other U.S. businesses.
  • Increase other agriculture service sales such as consulting services, continuing education and engineering services.
  • Help Wisconsin, regional, and U.S. semi-arid region based companies understand the Tunisian market and develop business and other dairy sector contacts.
  • Develop a strong foundation of networking and business expansion between the Tunisian and the U.S. dairy industries.
Considering the needs of the Tunisia Dairy sector and the World-class dairy development industry in Wisconsin, and the surrounding region, we believe that our approach to the market has a high likelihood for success. This emerging market program will be well leveraged with talent and resources from government, academic, and business communities.

Primary Contact Person:
Louis I. Nzegwu, Assoc. Prof & Executive Director
Int. Business Resource Center
University of Wisconsin-Platteville, WI 53818
Phone: (608) 342-1597
Fax: (608) 342-1592

Terry R. Smith, PhD.
Dairy Strategies, LLC
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