Strengthening International Business with Emerging Markets in Africa - Global Partnership Project

July 2007-July 2008


The College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture (BILSA) has capitalized on an earlier Business and International Education (BIE) Grant that was successfully completed and which resulted in the establishment of the International Business Resource Center (IBRC).

In a reasonably short time period, the IBRC has developed strong networking linkages with private and public organizations and Wisconsin businesses by promoting international education and trade. Student and Faculty Training, International Business Research, Workshops and Seminars for the business community were some of the outcomes of the BIE Grant. Over this period, the IBRC has acted as a strong change agent in internationalizing curriculum at UW-Platteville.

In recognition of this effort in assisting to promote international business, on May 9, 2006, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle awarded the IBRC the Export Achievement Award. This award signifies excellence in the field of international trade.

In an effort to move internationalization of curriculum, faculty, and programs forward, the College of BILSA proposes a new initiative, titled Strengthening International Business with Emerging Markets in Africa - Global Partnership Project (SIBA). This initiative includes a set of three objectives:

  1. Enhance Student Global Education Competency and Awareness
  2. Expand Business Curriculum through Faculty Development in International Business
  3. Strengthen Services to Local Businesses through Training, Seminars, Trade Missions, and Courses

This project represents a crucial step by UW-Platteville to develop an internationalized program that addresses the needs of our students and Wisconsin's business community. It also reflects the spirit of the university's understanding and commitment to its mission and its plan for moving academic programs and business outreach activities to the next level of distinction.