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The humanities department at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is comprised of the English, philosophy, and foreign language departments.  Each of these departments maintains their own majors, while working together to create a curriculum that helps create a well-rounded liberal arts degree.


The mission of the English department is to prepare students for writing and teaching careers in a variety of professional environments, in which creativity, critical thinking, and a broad cultural perspective are required. English courses teach proficiency in literary analysis, professional and creative writing, cultural analysis and creation, and the mastery of rhetorical devices. More information...


The philosophy program offers both a major and minor, stressing the whole sweep of the history of philosophy rather than any particular philosophy. It also offers courses important to students majoring in other disciplines, courses such as Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Law.  By challenging students to think carefully about questions like these, the philosophy program provides an excellent foundation for graduate school as well as a pathway not only to making a life but also to making a living in careers such as law, teaching, business, the ministry, journalism, and art. More information...

Foreign Language

The study of foreign languages is primarily the study of communications at different levels within the German, French, and Hispanic cultures. Language and culture are inseparable, and through the foreign language and its many expressions (literature, civilization, music, etc.) our students learn to communicate fluently and within a cultural context. Students major in a foreign language for reasons that range from purely aesthetic interests to commercial or career-oriented interests. More information...

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