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Welcome to Hugunin Hall

Hugunin Hall, named after Marjorie R. Hugunin and built in 1967, houses approximately 180 men and 77 women. Hugunin hall is located in the Circle and is adjacent to Glenview dining facility. Hugunin Hall Council and residents are also active in the hall, campus, and the Platteville communities. Hugunin Hall has beautiful landscaping, flowers, and plants. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Greetings from Hugunin Hall!

October has arrived and Homecoming is right around the corner! Only one month has passed and Hugunin Hall is already grooming new leaders. There are still many opportunities to get involved and leave your mark. Homecoming is a really great way to get involved and show the rest of the Campus Community what it means to be a Hugger or Hugunite….we still haven’t decided.

This year’s overall theme for Homecoming is: Adventure is out there. Most of you have been made aware that the Hugunin Mascot “Adventure” has recently gone missing. Please do what you can to help us find him and bring him home. Together, I am sure that we can accomplish great things.

Hugunin Hall is really excited about Homecoming and we are looking to have a very impressive showing.  We are also getting ready for wing competitions to begin during hall council meetings. Be on the lookout for opportunities to choose weekly themes.  There is so much going on in Hugunin Hall it would be pretty difficult not to get involved. For students, if you’re having trouble getting involved please, check your wings webpage to get info about upcoming events and feel free to talk with your RA, they are very knowledgeable about the Hall as well as other involvement opportunities on campus. 

As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything. 

Lawrence A. Parrott

Hugunin Hall Resident Director

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