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Hugunin Hall, named after Marjorie R. Hugunin and built in 1967, houses approximately 180 men and 77 women. Hugunin hall is located in the Circle and is adjacent to Glenview dining facility. Hugunin Hall Council and residents are also active in the hall, campus, and the Platteville communities. Hugunin Hall has beautiful landscaping, flowers, and plants. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Greetings from Hugunin Hall!

I am happy to say that we made it to May! The semester is almost over and Hugunin Hall will be closing in a few short weeks. Please be sure to read through the following reminders to ensure a successful last couple weeks and make your move-out as easy as possible!

Severe Weather: I know we recently had a thunderstorm roll through Platteville, so I thought I would mention severe weather.  The spring is often known for poor weather. It is likely that we may experience thunderstorms and potential unsafe weather. When the weather is poor, we ask that you remain inside where it is safe and do not put yourself in danger by staying outside and storm watching. In the case of a tornado or severe weather, please pay attention to announcements made over the emergency system. All students should move to the lower hallway corridors away from windows. Please consult a staff member or the Residence Life Handbook for policy and procedure questions.

Closing Information: Your RA should be meeting with you all to give you information about closing to tell you what you need to do in order to leave.  New this year, we are leaving the beds unbunked!  Please make sure to look at the diagram provided on the closing information bulletin board.  You will also be receiving a checklist of things you need to do prior to leaving.  This checklist will be taped to your door.  Please leave it where it is taped as staff utilizes that form when they do checkouts.

Finals:  Finals are almost here!  Make sure you take the necessary time to study hard!  Best of luck to all of you as you take your finals!

Loft Return:  Loft Return for McGregor Hall will be on Thursday, May 5th from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Please bring your loft down to the basement during that time.

Summer Storage: We are offering an option for student to store their things this summer. You can store your things right in your Fall 2016 room so it is already there and ready for you upon move in. Items will need to be boxed up and placed on the bed or in the closet. More information as well as the contract may be found here. Signed contracts are due to the Residence Life office in Royce Hall by Friday, May 6th.

Summer Housing: If you are planning on staying in Platteville this summer and are looking for a place to live, you can always stay right on campus in Southwest Hall! Southwest Hall will be open for summer residents to rent out a space on a weekly basis. This is a great option for residents planning on staying just a short time or all summer long. Staying in Southwest lessens the hassle of having to move. Check out the Residence Life website for more information!

Welcome Crew:  Will you be returning to the halls next year?  Interested in being a part of Welcome Crew?  There are applications at the front desk.  Please fill that out and either give to RD Ian when he's in his office, or give to the front desk, and they will put it in his mailbox.  You may also slide it under RD Ian's office door.  This is a great opportunity to meet students and welcome them to the hall in August!

I want to take this moment to say Thank You! You all have been wondeful this year and I can not wait for the next one to begin. You all will be missed!

As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything. 

Lawrence A. Parrott

Hugunin Hall Resident Director

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