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Hugunin Hall, named after Marjorie R. Hugunin and built in 1967, houses approximately 180 men and 77 women. Hugunin hall is located in the Circle and is adjacent to Glenview dining facility. Hugunin Hall Council and residents are also active in the hall, campus, and the Platteville communities. Hugunin Hall has beautiful landscaping, flowers, and plants. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Greetings from Hugunin Hall!

I am truly excited to see all of your faces and hear all of the commotion around the hall. It was very lonely here without you. For new students, I want you all to be reassured that I am here as a resource on your transition to college. Returners, I am exceptionally pleased that you decided to return to Hugunin and call it home for another year.
The staff and I already have great plans for this year and hope that you all will help us to make it great. We are gearing up to compete against Brockert and Pickard in the 2nd annual Circle Olympics. Win, lose or draw the Circle Olympics will be a great deal of fun for everyone. Sign-up sheets are at the front desk, however, if you choose not to compete we could still use your moral support on the day of events.

Hall Council is a great way to stay in tune with everything going on in the hall. It can be the ultimate resource for you if you let it. Stop by the Hugunin Basement Wednesday night at 9pm starting September 14th to learn more about how you can be a part of an awesome team.

Safety Tip of the Month: Prevention is key to remain safe on campus. Be sure to report any suspicious behavior to University Police. Take some time this month to review the Shots Fired video provided to you on the University Police website. This video talks in depth about how to remain safe should an active shooter situation occur here at Platteville.

There is so much going on in Hugunin Hall it would be pretty difficult not to get involved. For students, if you’re having trouble getting involved please, check your wings webpage to get info about upcoming events and feel free to talk with your RA, they are very knowledgeable about the Hall as well as other involvement opportunities on campus.

As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything. 

Lawrence A. Parrott

Hugunin Hall Resident Director

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