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Welcome to Hugunin Hall

Hugunin Hall, named after Marjorie R. Hugunin and built in 1967, houses approximately 180 men and 77 women. Hugunin hall is located in the Circle and is adjacent to Glenview dining facility. Hugunin Hall Council and residents are also active in the hall, campus, and the Platteville communities. Hugunin Hall has beautiful landscaping, flowers, and plants. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy November Hugunin!

I hope you all enjoyed your fall break and are ready to tackle the last few weeks of this semester.

If you're wondering to yourself when the next break is, that would be Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving break begins Thursday November 27th and lasts throughout the weekend. If you would like to stay in Hugunin over the break please sign-up to stay at the front desk. This sign-up sheet is very important and lets us know who is still in the buildng in case of an emergency. It is also important to know that the front desk will have very limited hours over Thanksgiving Break, and will only be open for an hour each day. This begins Wednesday afternoon, and regular hours resume Sunday evening. The hours for the desk will be posted outside the front desk before break begins.

If you are planning on heading out for Thanksgiving break there are somethings for you to remember to do before you leave. Please shut off all alarms clocks, close your windows, and remember to lock your door. This is also a good time to think about taking things home that you may need to have over Winter break. Winter break residents are not allowed to stay in Hugunin, so if you were planning on bringing alot of times home, Thanksgiving break may be the perfect time to start taking some of that stuff home with you.

As winter is fast approaching please keep these things in mind. When it snows please take your time traveling. Whether you are heading to class, to visit friends, going home or just going to walmart, give yourself extra time to get there. The roads and a hills of Platteville can be very steep and slippery in winter. If you have a bicycle on campus, you may store that bike in your room. Before you bring your bike in make sure you talk to your roommate and get their ok. Additionally bikes may only be brought into and out of the bulding once per year. This helps to ensure that we are keeping the rooms, hallways, and stairs in the best possible condition.

Hugunin’s Hall Council is officially up and running. We will be having meetings every Tuesday day in the basement, staring at 9pm. Hall council is an excellent place to hear current events, share programs your clubs or organizations may be putting on, participate in the weekly theme to help earn your wing points towards a pizza party, and have fun with other people in Hugunin. If you would like to get on the Hall Council's agenda please email Holly Nygaard.

I hope that you are enjoying your fall semester.

Every day is a great day to be a Pioneer

Hugunin Hall Resident Directors

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