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April 16, 2015

No surprise! The Mechanical Advantage remains in 1st place (1010739 wk 3, 2741318 Total.) Congratulations! Coming up in  a close 2nd is We Ain't Chicken (970475 wk 3, 2247589 Total.) In 3rd place Individual Steppers (848451 wk 3, 2189562 Total.) We'll see who comes out ahead next week!

While those 3 battle for the top 3 spots the "mere mortals" category has Road Runners in 4th place (576821 wk 3, 1556675 Total.) In 5th place for week 3 is SHS Mother Hens with an entry of 576821. The 5th place holders for Total results are Peanut Butter & Jelly Legs with 1490903!

Keep on walking! You can improve your place in line!! (Along with improving your mental and physical well-being!)


April 10,2015

Join us at an Open House to Celebrate our extra exercise and good health! On Thursday April 23rd from 11:30 am to 1:00 PM at Bridgeway Commons Multi Purpose Rooms you can stop by for some yogurt, granola, popcorn and pretzels! You can see the printed version of our walking totals and we will even play the Chicken Fat song!!


April 10, 2015

35 teams have reported in for week 2. You can now view weeks 1 and 2 and current team totals. Week 2 has The Mechanical Advantage again in first, then the Individual Steppers, then We Ain't Chicken and in 4th place Fowel Play. Interestingly, in the TOTAL results, The Mechanical Advantage stand in first, Individual Steppers and We Ain't Chicken in second and third places with 4th place held by Scrambled Legs!

Keep on walking for WEEK 3!

(There will be no calisthenics offered at Bridgeway on Tuesday April 14th.)


April 3, 2015

All 38 teams have recorded their hard earned steps! You can now view weekly results. For Week 1 The Mechanical Advantage came in first with 818216 steps! WOW. In second place was the Individual Steppers with 520563 and coming in a close third was Web Walkers with 507312 steps. In fourth Place was We Ain't Chicken with 500006!

Keep on walking for Week 2, our finest weather is just ahead!


March 27, 2015

Come check out a great opportunity to get more steps for your team. Happening each Tuesday, in the multipurpose rooms in Bridgeway Commons from 12:15 - 12:45 PM we will be hosting a basic calisthenic work out. Join us for this fun, active, and easy opportunity to get more steps. (Steps conversion for calisthenics is 106 steps per minute!) We hope to see you there!

Also! Did you see the online steps recording sheets? Go to How to track, Record, and Report Steps for information.

Hope week one was fun! Can't wait to see the results of week one next week!


March 23, 2015

This is a reminder to pay your team fees this week ($40) so we can order our T-Shirts! (Come to Student Health Services.)

Next week you will submit your team's first week's total steps. We will send you information soon regarding how to accomplish this online.

Happy Walking!!

And so it begains! Day #1!

March 23, 2015

“The Longest Journey begins with a single step.”  - Lao Tsu

Hopefully everyone started their day by putting on their pedometers  and eating a healthy breakfast! We are 32 teams strong in our effort to improve our health. That means 160 participants are counting their steps as you read this. That’s FANTASTIC! Spring is here by the calendar but just in case you need to stay indoors, remember to use the “Steps conversion chart” to calculate your non-walking activities. Keep watching and we will be posting information about upcoming activities.


March 9, 2015

UW-Platteville Student Health Services and Bridgeway Commons WELCOMES YOU!
Hope you are all looking forward to striving for 10,000 steps a day starting on March 23rd!
This will be the place where you will find information about upcoming activities and noteworthy events!


Student Health Services:Contact Info

Contact Information

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Please be advised that e-mail is not considered a secure form of communication; therefore confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if you forward information of an urgent nature. SHS staff only monitor and respond to e-mail during regular office hours.

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