10,000 Steps


Welcome to the wonderful world of walking!

Walking is quickly becoming the exercise of choice for millions. It is a lifetime activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. The positive benefits are undeniable. Not only is it one of the safest and most effective ways to meet your health and fitness goals, but it is fun, easy, and rewarding, both mentally and physically.

The goals of this program are:

  • Promote good health
  • Increase daily activity level
  • Build teamwork
  • Have fun


Every spring SHS invites all UW-Platteville students, staff, and faculty to participate in a 10,000 steps Walking Challenge.  Any five individuals can create a team.  You can even challenge other teams to some friendly competition!

    What do you need?

  • A device for tracking steps (pedometer, fitbit, etc.)
  • Comfortable walking/running shoes
  • A team: Create and name a team with 5 walkers, designate a team captain, and register your team online. Specific information will be available each spring as the program develops.

Team step totals

    Total steps: 1,400,000
    Average steps per week: 350,000
    Average steps per day: 50,000
    Average steps per day per team member: 10,000
    By the end of four weeks, each person will have walked approximately 210 miles.
    Pedometer conversion: 2,000 steps = 1 mile


    Only count the steps that appear on your tracking device or use the conversion chart for other activities.
    The goal is to be active and contribute whatever steps you can to your team.

Benefits of Walking

Walking has countless benefits ... whether you know it or not. It is so enjoyable and easy,
and it does so many good things for you:

Cardiovascular Benefits

Disease Prevention

Longevity and Aging

Psychological Benefits

Increased Energy

Muscle Toning

Calorie Burning and Weight Control

NOTE: If you have a chronic illness or joint problems or any exercise restrictions you need to check with your health care provider before starting any exercise program.

Download Steps Conversion Chart

Gallery of Photos from Past Events

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