Ropes and Challenge Course

What is the Ropes and Challenge Course?

The Ropes and Challenge Course is a blend of low and high activities presented in a prescribed sequence designed to take individuals and groups beyond their own expectations or perceived limit The numerous low activities and the thirteen high elements suspended at a height of 18 feet from the ceiling can be experienced within the spacious Pioneer Activity Center (PAC) in Williams Field house. 

What are the benefits of a session?

The atmosphere of the Ropes Course is a "Challenge by Choice". There are no failures. For someone afraid of heights, simply climbing a foot or two up a ladder can be a major accomplishment and source of pride. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves in both a physically and a mentally safe environment. We create an atmosphere that fosters the following:
  • Team building
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Self-discovery
  • Commitment
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal and Group confidence
  • Increase mutual support
  • Increase sense of personal achievement
  • Increase level of agility and physical coordination
  • Increase awareness of personal strengths and limitations
  • Go beyond self-imposed boundaries

Will the Course meet my group's need?

We structure each program to the individual and group needs of the client. For example, activities can focus on individual exploration, on group communication, teamwork, and trust. All sessions are designed and sequenced to meet the client's needs. A progression of acquaintance, deinhibitizing, problem solving, initiatives, and trust building activities are utilized for all groups. Utilizing the high elements is not always necessary to challenge the individual or group. Activities are based on the comfort and needs of the group.

Who can use the Course?

Our Ropes Course is available to any group in the Tri-state area, both community based and those here at the UWP. Our low activities and half of the high elements are adaptable and accessible for individuals with special needs.

When can I schedule a session?

Groups can be scheduled during the school year: Fridays 8 am-3 pm & 7-10pm Saturday & Sunday 9 am-10 pm During the Summer: Time will vary due to other activities in the PAC.

How much does the Course cost?

Group type 4 hour session 8 hour session
UW-P affiliated $15.00 / person ($100.00 minimum) $25.00 / person ($170.00 minimum)
Non-Profit $20.00 / person ($150.00 minimum) $25.00 / person ($200.00 minimum)
Public $25.00 / person ($200.00 minimum) $30.00 / Person ($250.00 minimum)

Half day session:

Any group scheduled for less than 4 hours will be considered a half day session. Half day sessions generally will not include time on the high ropes elements.

Full day session:

Any group scheduled for more than 4 hours will be considered a full day session. Full day sessions will include time on the high ropes elements if requested by the client.

All sessions are designed and sequenced to meet the clients needs. A progression of Acquaintance, Deinhibitizing, Problem Solving, Initiative Engaging, and Trust Building activities will be utilized for all groups.

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


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