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Name, Membership, and purpose

The faculty of the university, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president, and the chancellor of the university, shall be vested with the responsibility for the immediate governance of the university and shall actively participate in university policy development. As such, the faculty shall have primary responsibility for academic and educational activities and faculty personnel matters. The faculty shall determine their own faculty organizational structure and select representatives to participate in institution governance.

The faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville hereby organize and associate themselves together under the name A Faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. In this Faculty Constitution and the General Faculty Bylaws, A faculty refers to persons who hold the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor in an academic department (or its functional equivalent) or the library. We herewith designate academic staff librarians as having faculty status, according to the provisions of UWS 1.05.

The purpose of this organization is to provide a structure of university governance through which all members of the faculty may participate fully in university policy formation, so that all members may enjoy the privileges and undertake the responsibilities of contributing their understanding and abilities to the achievement of the university's mission. This presupposes an open university; that is, that all information necessary to identify the need for, and the formulation of, policy shall be made freely available.

No faculty member may serve on more than two of the following:

Academic Planning Council, Campus Planning Commission, Student Affairs Council, Summer Session Commission, University Academic Budget Commission, University Rank, Salary, and Tenure Policy Commission and University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission

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University Governance - Faculty Governance

Faculty Governance

Faculty Senate
Academic Planning Council 
Academic Information Technology
• Appeals
• Complaints and Grievances
University Academic Budget
University Rank, Salary, and Tenure Policy
• Academic and Institutional Research
• Academic Standards
• Admissions and Academic Appeals
• Appointments and Elections
• Bylaws
• Improvement of Learning
• Research and Ethics
• Student Discipline
• University International Education

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