Test-out Procedures

Student working math problems out on the whiteboard

The purpose of these procedures is to offer the exceptional student an opportunity to begin work at an appropriate level. The procedures are not intended to encourage the typical student to attempt to test out of fundamental courses.

  • All General Engineering (GE) courses are eligible for the test-out option.
  • Test-outs will consist of a final exam for the course and an appropriate lab test where necessary.
  • Students wishing to test out of a particular course must make an application to the department chair at least one week in advance of the scheduled test date. Students cannot attempt a test-out for a class they are currently enrolled in after the first week of class.
  • Students who have failed a course or received an unsatisfactory passing grade in a course may not subsequently test out of that course.
  • A minimum passing grade of 70 percent is required of any test-out.
  • Students may attempt a test-out of a course only once.
  • The transcripts of students who successfully complete an examination will reflect the fact that the student "tested out" of the course.
  • A test-out fee of $20.00/credit will be charged.

Revised: 8/31/2016

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