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spring 2017 CLASSES

Engineering majors MUST have their schedules approved by their academic advisors!

• STEP 1: Pick up your advising folder from the General Engineering  Office, 153 Ottensman Hall.
• Step 2: Prepare a proposed schedule for Spring 2017 by using the Schedule Builder in the PASS system.If you need assistance preparing your schedule, please visit a peer advisor. The peer advising schedule can be found here: Include at least TWO ALTERNATE COURSES in your schedule (not sections of the same course!) in case a course you want closes.
• Step 3: Make an appointment to meet with your advisor before you register. Advisor assignments are posted on PASS. In addition, it is noted on the outside of your advising folder. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to see your advisor.
• Step 4: Bring your proposed class schedule sheet, a list of your current Fall courses and your advising folder to your advising session. Your advisor will review, sign, and date your class schedule before you are assigned a PIN number.  You will need a PIN number to access the PASS Registration process.
• Step 5: After advising, take the class schedule sheet and your advising folder to the staff in the GE Office:, 153 Ottensman.  They will make a copy of your approved schedule for your use during online registration.  Your original approved schedule will remain in your engineering folder. We need the original as proof of what your advisor approved for you and also ABET requires that we have a copy for our records.  Return your advising folder at this time.
• Step 6: Complete registration during your assigned advanced registration period using step-by-step Registration Guide (found under campus resources A-Z, click on letter R for Registration Guide) Note: “accumulated credits” do not include the classes that you are currently taking!
• Step 7:  If an EMS class on your approved schedule is closed (full) and your alternate classes won’t work, register for all the approved classes you can. Then Log into the EMS website to sign up on the course Waiting list. Note: the process for waitlisting closed courses from Mathematics or other collegesvaries. Please see additional information at

Questions regarding the General Engineering registration & advising process may be directed to the GE Office (342-1711) 153 Ottensman Hall. First year students should direct question to CenterPoint at or 608.432.7342

Advanced registration schedule

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