Stoughton High School Fund

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Olivia Johnson

The most recent recipient of the Stoughton High School Fund Scholarship is Olivia Johnson. Read comments from Olivia below.

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

I'm excited about meeting new people and moving forward with my education. I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life and earning a degree from UW-Platteville is a part of that.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

I have an interest in running. I ran track all four years of high school and will continue to run in the future. I also like being outdoors and exploring.

Olivia's Thank You Note

I would like to thank everyone involved with this scholarship. I am very appreciative of the fact that the University of Wisconsin Platteville Scholarship Committee chose me to receive this scholarship and award. It will be put to good use as I start my college career at UW-Platteville. Thanks again!

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