Southwestern High School Fund

The most recent recipients of the Southwestern High School Fund Scholarship are Elliot Hill and William Doyle. Read comments from Elliot and William below.

elliot hill

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

I am excited for taking a wide variety of classes that will help me expand my knowledge in subjects that I enjoy.  I also get to meet new people along with some other familiar faces.  It’s a new adventure, and I am excited to start it.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

My interests include technology and computers; it makes me curious how a little part can do and carry out endless possibilities.  My hobbies include: drawing and doing crafts, playing video games, and doing outdoor activities.

Elliot's Thank You Note

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship.  It will help me take classes that will help prepare me for my future.  I'm very excited to be attending the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and with your help, I will be able to accomplish my future goals.  Hopefully after graduating I will be able to use my skills to give back to the community.  Thank you again very much for giving me this scholarship!

william doyle

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

I am most excited about meeting new people, especially those that are in the same field of study that I am. I am interested in expanding my knowledge in the Agri Business Program and doing whatever I can to move on after college to a successful career.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

When I am not working on the family farm, I like to play and watch sports, and go hunting. I have played football since fifth grade and it has become a big part of my life. I have been hunting since I was a young boy and often like to spend what little free-time I have in the woods.

William's Thank You Note

Dear the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Foundation, I am honored to be a recipient of the Southwestern High School Community Scholarship. I hope to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture. I have worked all my life on my family farm in rural Hazel Green. Chores range from raising newborn calves to having a successful dairy operation. Crop farming and beef production have also been incorporated in the farming process. This scholarship will help me achieve my goals of obtaining a quality education the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is capable of producing. Thank you again for your generosity.

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