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supports renewable energy

UW-Platteville relies on gifts to preserve its heritage of excellence in education. Gifts to the university provide scholarships, improve academic programs, support capital building projects and improve campus-life experiences for students.

Ron Meissen ’71 has had a great impact in aiding UW-Platteville, both intellectually and financially. In 2008, Meissen visited UW-Platteville several times to discuss renewable energy, sustainability and emerging trends in sustainable development with people on campus. Meissen wants to advance sustainability and renewable energy, both at the university and within the curriculum as appropriate at his alma mater.

Meissen chose to give back to his alma mater by establishing the Ron Meissen Sustainability Fund in 2009. The fund was established to aid faculty with the costs of traveling to sustainable energy conferences. It has become even more beneficial with the recent addition of a Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems major at UW-Platteville. These conferences allow for professional development and learning in this new area of study. Students who wish to gain more knowledge in these areas may also utilize the fund for faculty-led field trips about renewable energy.

“Being a chemist, I don’t have much background in this new academic area,” said Dr. Timothy Zauche, chair of the Renewable Energy Council and department chair of chemistry and engineering physics. “Chemistry, engineering and agriculture professors are just starting to learn about this area and this fund allows us to travel to conferences in order to learn more so that we can then educate the campus.”

There are many ways for people to support UW-Platteville. It can be done through a sponsorship, donating equipment, donating to a scholarship and so many other ways. Meissen chose to set up the Ron Meissen Sustainability Fund.

“Meissen could have chosen to sponsor a student or support campus in a different way,” said Zauche. “This was the best option for him though, to give back to the UW-Platteville campus and allow campus to be educated in this area as a whole.”

Baxter International Inc., the company that Meissen works for, also supports UW-Platteville by matching Meissen's donations to the Ron Meissen Sustainability Fund.
“In this time of budgetary constraints, funds such as this have been a huge support structure for our university,” said Zauche. “We appreciate donors such as Ron investing in our future.”

–Amanda Fisch

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