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What is the UW-Platteville Pioneer Appeal?

Sponsored by the UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Fund, the UWP Pioneer Appeal is an opportunity for current and retired UW-Platteville employees to invest in the future of the university. Many employees think of the phonathon when they think of the Annual Fund, but this is another branch of the university's annual campaigns.

Why should an employee give?

Your support is very important to the university as your gift demonstrates that those nearest the university believe in its mission and are willing to give back. Here are three great reasons to give:

  1. Your gift can make a difference in the life of an employee or a student, can honor loved ones and friends, or may support one of many outstanding programs on campus.
  2. Alumni, parents and friends are impressed and moved by a high percentage of giving from those who work for the university. It reveals a sense of pride in the university.
  3. Donating will make you feel good. Pioneers who believed in the opportunity of education created our campus. Their contributions ensured an outstanding education for the leaders of today. Your contribution will provide for the leaders of tomorrow.

How does an employee contribute?

The Pioneer Appeal includes several options for giving:

  • Payroll deduction for a specified or indefinite length of time (minimum contribution of $1 per month)
  • A pledge to be paid at a later time - for which the donor will be reminded
  • A planned gift (such as a bequest in your will, portion of an insurance policy or IRA)
  • A check made payable to the UW-Platteville Foundation (be sure to annotate the fund name)
  • Plan a department fund-raiser (bake sale, brat sale, car wash, etc.)
  • Donations may be made on behalf of another or in memory of someone

Can an employee give to a specific fund?

The focus fund of the Pioneer Appeal is the “M” fund that benefits all university employees. However, an employee may give to any scholarship or program fund they wish. To view the list of funds go to and click on the “Fund List” link.

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Pioneer Appeal Committee

Committee Members

Heather Faherty, President
April McNett, Vice President
Clint Nemitz, Secretary
Scott White, Treasurer

Stephanie Belken
Diana Blindert
Amy Crist
Caiti Droessler
MaryJo Durni
Heather Faherty
Kari Frederick
Katie Friar
Anthony Isabell
Rosanne Johanning
Kara McCarville
Alison Parkins
Lisa Roh
John Sagehorn
Kelly Steiger
Gina Udelhofen
Dan Wackershauser
Katie Weigel
Sara Witaker
Erin Withrow
Michelle Zasada

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