Lodi High School Fund

Bridget Nolden

The most recent recipient of the Lodi High School Fund Scholarship is Bridget Nolden. Read comments from Bridget below.

What are you most excited about starting or experiencing at UW-Platteville?

Classes, Clubs, Experiences, Stories ...I am most excited about being able to meet new friends and experience a new life outside of my small town and high school. Also, excited about being able to study for my dream major.

What interests and/or hobbies do you have?

I love to play sports such as volleyball, basketball and softball. I love to scrapbook for fun and design different picture styles. Also, I like to hangout with my friends and family, go on long walks and just talk, explore new things and what else I can see in life and four wheeling.

Bridget's Thank You Note

I want to thank everyone who has impacted someone else's life and made them be able to live longer. I want to thank you because its a big thing that not all people can do and it makes me happy that there are good people out there willing to help someone who may not be able to live tomorrow. It's a very brave thing. I do have a donor sticker on my driver's license. For my senior year of basketball at Lodi High School, we had an Organ Donation Night on January 6th, 2015 for more people to get involved and do more things to help but most importantly there was a girl on my basketball team named Mackenzie Ripp and she has a younger brother named Jaxson and he has stage four kidney disease and prune belly and he is at the moment on the waiting list for a kidney that he will need shortly, it breaks my heart to see this little four year old go through such a hard life so young but he is a very  strong little boy and will do anything to help anyone. I just want to thank the person who helps this little boy in the future and makes his life better and longer.

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