The Facilities Management team supports the University and community with a safe, clean, healthy environment, accountable to all of our customers and to each other.

What we do:

UW-Platteville Facilities Management Maintenance Department responds to all maintenance and facility improvement requests in the academic and support buildings on campus.

To request service:

Emergencies or immediate concerns during working hours: 342-1155 or 1166

Emergencies during off-hours, call campus police: 342-1584

Routine requests, please email request to ppworkrequest@uwplatt.edu

When using email, please include the following:

Multi-trade, equipment installations or other Physical Plant construction project requests must use attached form. Project requests will then be reviewed and, if applicable, prioritized by University executive staff. The projects will then be assigned a manager and will be scheduled.

Multi-Trade* Work Order and Equipment Installation Request Form


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