SUFAC Travel Guidelines

SUFAC guidelines for travel can be found on its PioneerLink page under "Documents." The guidelines are part of a document called "SUFAC Funding Criteria, Policy, and Guidelines."

A Travel Advance (Contingent Fund-Group Travel Advance) is the form used for SUFAC travel. This form must be turned in one week before the trip to the Travel office. It must be requested by the advisor of the group and is only a loan. Immediately upon return from the trip a travel expense report must be submitted by the advisor to account for all trip expenses. If the trip expenses exceed the advance, the difference will be reimbursed and if the trip expenses are less than the advance, the excess advance must be returned with the TER. When accounting for meals, a meal statement can be used where the advisor/coach gives each participant a specific amount of money to use for meals according the SUFAC rules. This document can be found on the Forms page under the Travel section titled “Statement of Meal Expenses.”

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