Student Employment

Student Employment at UW-Platteville

Student Employment positions are available to UW-Platteville students regardless of their financial aid status. A student must be enrolled for at least six credits during the fall and spring semesters to be eligible for student employment. For summer employment eligibility, contact the Financial Aid Office. Jobs are available both on and off campus and many employers hire through either Federal Work Study or Regular employment.

Student Employment Handbook


Work Authorizations for regular and work study positions will now be one form and will be available on line for Supervisors to fill in and print off.  Once the Supervisor completes the form they can give to students to bring to the Financial Aid office to complete the rest of the paperwork.

Below are the links for the Work-Study/Regular Work Authorization Form and the Lump Sum request form.  If you have any questions contact the Financial Aid office.


Employment forms


Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is one of the Title IV federal financial aid programs. It is awarded to students based on their demonstrated financial need using information from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Through this program students may earn up to the amount listed on their financial aid award letter and their wages will be subsidized by the federal government. Due to this subsidy, some employers require students with Federal Work Study awards and their job postings will state this. If a student does not qualify for Federal Work Study they apply for any position listed as Regular.

Regular Student Employment

Regular Student Employment consists of similar jobs available as Work-Study. Students do not have to show financial need to be eligible. Hourly wage range is same as Work-Study.

Wage Guidelines

Off-Campus Jobs

The Financial Aid Office lists many part-time off-campus jobs in private businesses, industries and homes in the Platteville area.

How do I apply for a Job?

  • First, determine if you qualify for Work-Study or Regular Payroll. If you are unsure, contact the Financial Aid Office to help you determine what work type you qualify for.
  • Review the jobs available in the work type you qualify for by either searching the Online Job Board or visiting the Job Board outside the Financial Aid Office. Job postings are updated weekly throughout the year.
  • Contact the person listed on job postings of interest.
  • If hired, obtain a work authorization from your supervisor, which permits you to work on campus. For first-time on-campus employment, you will need to complete a Federal I-9 Form.

Prior to the release of the Work Authorization, a valid completed I-9 Form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for approval along with a copy of the student's Social Security card, Birth Certificate or Visa in addition to a photo ID. International students must receive authorization from the International Office before completing the I-9 form in the Student Employment Services office.

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