PLUS Calculator

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Calculating the Amount of PLUS

Use the information below to determine the amount of PLUS you want to borrow.  The maximum amount a parent may borrow is the cost of attendance minus the student’s financial aid and other resources such as scholarships.  Cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, and personal expenses.  The cost of attendance is used for financial aid purposes; it does not reflect the amount the student will be billed.

Cost of Attendance

Use the cost of attendance figure that reflects your student.

Wisconsin Resident
WI Resident living on campus $18,664
WI Resident living off campus $18,588
WI Resident living with parent/guardian $13,438
Minnesota Resident
MN Resident living on campus $19,044
MN Resident living off campus $18,968
MN Resident living with parent/guardian $13,818
Tri-State Initiative (Illinois or Iowa Resident)
Tri-State Initiative living on campus $23,264
Tri-State Initiative living off campus $23,188
Tri-State Initiative living with parent/guardian $18,038
Non-Resident living on campus $26,514
Non-Resident living off campus $26,438
Non-Resident living with parent/guardian $21,288

Calculate Balance

Cost of Attendance     _______________ (amount from above)
Financial Aid  - _______________ (listed on award letter)
Other funds received - _______________ (i.e. scholarships)
Balance = _______________ (The maximum you could borrow in PLUS)

Contact the UW-Platteville Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

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