New Freshman Scholarships

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New Freshman Scholarships(NFS)

New Freshman Scholarships are a series of general university and specific college/major scholarships for incoming freshmen only. Only admitted students will receive scholarship information. Students must apply and be admitted to UW-Platteville by January 15 to receive a scholarship letter and instructions on how to apply. 

New Freshman Scholarships are currently closed for the 2015/2016 academic year. 


The following NFS have a deadline of February 1. Committees for the scholarships will start to meet and read applications, and award scholarships immediately. It is not possible to include applications received after February 1st in this process. View all scholarship listings above or browse scholarship descriptions by college:

The following NFS have a deadline of March 1:


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FIN AID: NF Scholarships by Date

Scholarships by Date

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