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Science as Art Contest Guidelines and Submission Instructions

Art is valued for its capacity to communicate. It can make complex scientific phenomena comprehensible to everyone. The goal of the Science as Art Contest is to spark public interest in science. The Science as Art Contest celebrates the creativity of the students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with art from primary images capturing scientific phenomena or generated using scientific tools. Submissions will be judged and the winner will receive a prize. All artwork will be displayed at the 2017 EMS Expo as well as on the Expo website.

Guidelines for Artwork

The artwork should present original student work related to science/engineering and should fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Photographs/Pictures – Digital photographs obtained by cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and similar instruments. Images created by sensors are also appreciated.
  2. Illustrations/Drawings – Traditional or computer-assisted illustrations and drawings produced to conceptualize the unseen or recreate an object, process, or phenomenon (technique).

Each artwork must include a short (~150 words) caption in layman's terms briefly explaining the scientific structures, processes, or ideas depicted in the art, as well as any techniques/equipment used to create the piece. This explanation should clarify both the scientific and artistic aspects of the work. The following websites give some examples of what can be a "science as art" artwork:

Artwork should show the following elements:

  1. Scientific Basis (To what extent does the piece show or represent a scientific phenomena or concept?)
  2. Aesthetic Appeal (How much does the piece stir aesthetic emotions?)
  3. Thought Provocation (To what extent is the piece capable of provoking thoughts about science in others?)
  4. Clarity (How well does the image alone convey meaning? How well does the written accompaniment enhance the experience of viewing the piece?)

Note that the final winner is determined by popular vote of the Expo attendees, so your work should appeal to all ages.

Submission Instructions

All images are to be submitted via e-mail as a high-resolution jpeg file of at least 300 dpi (10 MB maximum size) from now until April 3, 2017. The submittal address is Please include the submitter's last name in the title of the jpeg file. In a separate text file with the same title, the submitter must give a short caption of the work as specified in Guidelines for Artwork. In addition, the submitter's name, affiliation and e-mail address must be given in the same file.

Entrants will receive notification via e-mail that their submission was received. The Expo committee will select a group of finalists from these submissions and will notify all entrants of their status by April 4. Finalists' entries will be prepared and displayed for voting on Expo day.

Entry Agreement

By submitting, participants agree to the following disclaimer:

"I have read the guidelines and certify that all of the submitted work is original and completed within the past two years. I agree to provide the work(s) of art or other material identified above for display and to allow the use of the image for promotional purposes."

2016 Contest Submissions

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