• Expose fifth through 12th grade students to engineering, mathematics, and science majors and careers through hands-on projects and demonstrations.
  • Provide middle and high school teachers with information about engineering, mathematics, and science majors and careers.
  • Provide activities and handouts for middle and high school teachers to facilitate student participation both during and after the Expo.
  • Provide current UW-Platteville students the opportunity to practice presenting technical projects and gain confidence in their skills.
  • Provide current UW-Platteville students with the opportunity to connect with alumni and other industry professionals.
  • Encourage College of EMS faculty to participate in outreach and promote the educational focus of the college.
  • Connect industry professionals and alumni with current students through informal networking.


The EMS Expo has several constituents: middle (grades 5–8) and high school (grades 9–12) students, students at two-year colleges, current UW-Platteville students, UW-Platteville faculty, middle and high school teachers, EMS Advisory Board members, and EMS Alumni. The events and activities of Expo are targeted toward these constituents; however, the general public is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the event as well.

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