Requirements for the English Major Portfolio

In order to complete the English major and graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you must submit a portfolio of some of your written work done throughout your college career. The purpose of the portfolio is to allow faculty to evaluate your writing competency (see the portfolio rubric). The portfolio is due the first week of your senior year. Please turn your portfolio in to the Humanities Department program assistant in Warner 323.

You can print a copy of these instructions below, or obtain a hard copy from the Humanities Office in Warner 323.


  • Place materials inside a three-ringed binder.
  • Affix to the cover (or place inside) a cover page that includes your name and the date the portfolio was submitted.
  • Use labeled tab dividers to divide sections/papers.
  • Label each paper; include your name, the date that you wrote the paper, and the name of the class for which you wrote the paper.
  • Provide only "clean" copies; do not submit papers that have instructor comments or grades on them.


  • Place at the beginning a single-spaced, two-page letter of submission to the Rhetoric and Composition Committee introducing and reflecting upon your portfolio. Briefly explain what you have put into your portfolio and why you believe the papers you have chosen reflect your best college writing to date.
  • Include at least eight items. Of these eight:
    • At least two of your papers must analyze literature (one may focus on film).  One of these papers must use at least one outside source in conjunction with the primary text;
    • At least one of your papers must be a research paper of seven to nine pages that uses a minimum of five outside sources. The committee will be looking to see how you integrate sources into your argument as well as document these sources in either MLA or APA format.  NOTE:  This paper must be from a course other than English 1130 or 1230;
    • No more than two works can be written for the same professor or the same class; and
    • None can be journal entries or short, informal response papers.
  • In addition to papers from your literature and writing courses, you may also include
    • Up to three research papers from non-English courses, following an appropriate style (e.g., APA);
    • Samples of creative writing, but no more than two; and
    • One piece of writing co-written with others (e.g.; a collaborative repot); other authors' names must be removed.

Note:  Students with a failing portfolio will be required to meet with the Rhetoric and Composition Committee to discuss a course of action to improve their writing, which may include rewriting portfolio papers and taking additional coursework. 

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