Transfer Students

Transfer Credit in Engineering Physics

Many Engineering Physics students have transferred into the program from other institutions or taken courses at other institutions during the summer or a semester abroad. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has posted its policies on transfers:

Course-specific transfer information: Physics and Engineering Physics

Articulation agreements exist for the transfer of credit for PH 2240, 2340, and 3140 (for UW System schools, see the online Transfer Information System).

Many schools offer physics courses similar to our EP courses (e.g. Theoretical Mechanics, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Advanced Physics Lab, etc.). These physics courses typically carry similar technical content to our EP courses, but they lack the engineering applications and design. The EP Coordinator/Chair reviews each situation individually based on some general principles:

  1. A valid, three-credit course in Theoretical Mechanics or Engineering Dynamics (possibly taken at UW-Platteville prior to switching to EP) is counted as three credits of Applied Mechanics (EP 3240). The students must then complete a one-credit independent study in tandem with the course, in which students participate in the group design projects, in which the non-content related educational outcomes are addressed.
  2. A valid, three- or four-credit Electricity and Magnetism course is accepted for EP 3640, as there are no outcomes associated with that course aside from the technical outcomes.
  3. A valid Optics course with lab is accepted for Applied Optics (EP 4140). However, as with Mechanics, students must complete a one-credit independent study to fulfill the other educational outcomes associated with EP 4140.
  4. Other courses from physics programs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The capstone EP Design (EP 4930) must be taken at UW-Platteville.

Course-specific transfer information: Other Engineering Courses

For determinations regarding the transfer of credits for other engineering courses (i.e. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering), the student works with the Chair of the appropriate department. If a course does not match suitably for transfer credit, the student may still seek permission from a course instructor to apply the course as meeting prerequisite requirements.

The EP program coordinator determines whether any non-transferred engineering course will count towards graduation in EP. Any substitution, waivers, or program changes require a student to fill out a Degree Program Change form which must be approved by the student’s academic advisor, department chair, the associate/assistant dean of the college, and for general education requirements, the associate vice chancellor.

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