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Engineering Physics Hires Three

Lecturers Thomas Carstens, Andrew Plumb and Drew Von Maluski joined the Engineering Physics department this Fall.

Professors Yan Wu and Gokul Gopal Promote MSNT Program in Chicago

Associate Professor Yan Wu and Assistant Professor Gokul Gopal presented talks promoting the Microsystems and Nanomaterials program at the 2014 Conference for Midwest Nanotechnician Programs in Chicago.

Professor Wei Li Presents Work at IEEE

Professor Wei Li participated in 2014 IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology in Milwaukee, WI this summer. He worked as a technical reviewer for the conference and published a paper titled Spatial Hole Burning Suppression for the Distributed Feedback Laser Diode with an Asymmetric Grating Gap Structure.

Professor Wei Li and Student Complete Grant-Funded Project

Professor Wei Li was awarded a grant from the Scholarly Activity Improvement Fund this year. The grant funded a project in which Dr. Li and a UW-Platteville student investigated the energy levels and wave-functions of the quantum dots with various geometry structures using the finite element approach. The results are interesting and may lead to some applications in nano-particle plasmonics.

Professor Doyle St.John and Student Construct Novel Lens Holder

Professor Doyle St.John is working with a UW-Platteville student to construct a novel lens holder mechanism for optical systems.

Professor Doyle St.John Awarded Grant to Finalize Instrument

Professor Doyle St.John has received a grant from the Scholarly Activity Improvement Fund to complete work on a device that automatically characterizes optical lenses.

Lecturer Drew Von Maluski Develops Lecture Demonstrations

Lecturer Drew Von Maluski, in collaboration with the Engineering Physics department, is increasing the number of physics demonstrations done in introductory physics courses here at UWP. Drew says, “Adding physics demonstrations that are exciting and educational is a great way to keep students motivated during class. I find it also helps students relate the physics being taught to everyday life.” The new demonstrations will be photographed and cataloged to ease adoption into other teacher’s classes.

Professor Hal Evensen Works with Carbon Nanotubes

Professor Hal Evensen is spending the 2014-2015 year on sabbatical at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with Professor Mike Arnold's Advanced Materials for Energy and Electronics Group in the Materials Science & Engineering department. He has been researching carbon nanomaterials for electronics, specifically working to refine a newly-discovered technique to create large sheets of aligned semiconducting carbon nanotubes.

Professor Gokul Gopal Leads Ascent of Mt. Rainier

This summer Assistant Professor Gokul Gopal led the first UW-Platteville ascent of Mt. Rainier in the Washington Cascades. Pictured on the summit are (L->R) Jonathan Norman, Jay Tanel, Gokul Gopal, Jesse Kolar, and Trevor Millis.

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