Prospective Freshmen

Step 1: Apply to UW-Platteville

For High School Students

The University of Wisconsin system has an online application process. Go to to create an account and begin the process. You should select Engineering Physics as your intended major. Note that you can change this later, but it is important to start in the College of Engineering, Math and Science (EMS) if you feel you want to pursue an engineering degree. This initial choice will put you into the college of EMS and assign an Engineering Physics professor to you as an advisor. That advisor can help you decide if EP is really where you want to be.

Step 2: Complete the General Engineering Core

All students admitted into the College of EMS with the intent to major in engineering must begin their studies in the General Engineering department. Before you can be admitted into the specific program of choice (e.g. Engineering Physics) you must complete the General Engineering Core group of courses. For Engineering Physics, the core is listed in the table below. A more complete description of this process is given in the General Engineering Information Sheet.

General Engineering Core Courses for Students Seeking Admission to Engineering Physics

Course Number Course Name Credits
CHEM 1450 Chemistry for Engineers 5
ENGLISH 1130 Freshman Composition 3
GENENG 1000 Engineering Success Skills 1
GENENG 1030 Introduction to Engineering Projects 1
GENENG 2030 Engineering Modeling & Design 3
MATH 2640 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4
MATH 2740 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 4

Step 3: Gain Admission into the Engineering Physics Program

Upon completion of the General Engineering Core, your GPA in the General Engineering Core only will be compared to the Engineering Physics program threshold. If your GPA in those courses exceeds the threshold, you are guaranteed admission into the Engineering Physics program. If your GPA is under the threshold, you will be considered for admission. A more complete description of this process and the current GPA threshold for each of the engineering programs is given in the General Engineering Information Sheet.

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