Physics Test-Outs

Advanced Placement or Test-Outs in Physics

Advanced Placement (AP) Tests

A student with a Physics C: Mechanics-AP score of 3 or higher receives credit for PH 2240. A student with a Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism-AP score of 3 or higher receives credit for PH 2340.

A student with a Physics 1 score of 3 or higher receives credit for PH 1350.  A student with a Physics 2 score of 3 or higher receives credit for PH 1450. Note that most engineering programs at UW-Platteville require calculus-based introductory physics: PH 2240 and PH 2340.

Test-Out Policy

If you believe you have proficiency in a Physics or Astronomy course, you may apply to the department chair or EP Program Coordinator to test out of it. The University’s test-out policies are posted in the course catalog. The specific guidelines for Physics test-outs are as follows:

  1. Only students enrolled in UW-Platteville may participate in departmental test-out examinations.
  2. Credit for such examinations with the appropriate departmental approval shall be entered on the student's permanent scholastic record.
  3. Credit examinations, once failed, may not be repeated.
  4. No student may take a credit examination in a course that is a prerequisite, stated or implied, for an advanced course in the same subject for which credit has already been earned.
  5. Students may earn no more than 10 credits in Physics and 5 credits in Astronomy by way of a test-out. Engineering Physics courses and PHSC 1150 Physical Science are not eligible for test-out.
  6. Students wishing to test-out of a Physics/Astronomy course will be given a final exam for the course. A score of 75% or better is required to receive credit for the course. A fee of $15 per credit will be charged for the examination. The fee must be paid prior to taking the examination.

EP Contact

Contact Information


Dr. Andrew Pawl
Dept. of Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818
Tel: 608.342.1651
Fax: 608.342.1052
Program Office: 210 Engineering Hall

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