Objectives and Outcomes

Educational Objectives

The Engineering Physics program at UW-Platteville provides Engineering Physics majors with a quality undergraduate education in liberal studies, mathematics, science, and engineering to prepare them

  1. to, within a few years of graduation, have attained positions as professionals in industry, government, or academia;
  2. to have become responsible, accountable, current professionals who work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, readily adapt to broad technical challenges, and demonstrate leadership.

Educational Outcomes

Graduates of the Engineering Physics (EP) Program must fulfill the following outcomes as part of their education in engineering physics:

  1. Engineering physics graduates from UW-Platteville must have demonstrated
    1. working knowledge of fundamental physics and basic electrical and/or mechanical engineering principles to include advanced knowledge in one or more engineering disciplines;
    2. the ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering physics problems;
    3. the ability to apply the design process to engineering problems;
    4. the ability to formulate, conduct, analyze, and interpret experiments in engineering physics; and
    5. the ability to use modern engineering physics techniques and tools, including software and laboratory instrumentation.
  2. Engineering physics graduates from UW-Platteville must have developed professional skills which will allow them to
    1. communicate their ideas effectively, both orally and in writing; and
    2. function effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
  3. Engineering physics graduates must have the educational background to be good citizens as well as good engineers, including
    1. an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibility to society;
    2. knowledge of the relationship between technology and society;
    3. a capacity and desire for life-long learning to improve themselves as citizens and engineers; and
    4. a knowledge of technical contemporary issues.

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