Mechanisms, Machines and Systems


Design, analyze, and fabricate mechanical mechanisms and systems.


This flowchart lists the electives (boxes) that usually make up the Mechanisms, Machines and Systems concentration and also the vital prerequisites from the EP core curriculum (angled boxes) needed before beginning the professional electives. Note that this concentration will require you to elect GE 2340 as part of your core curriculum (as opposed to ME 2630). To accumulate a total of 17 credits of professional electives, you would have to choose at least six of these courses. The fundamental electives that should always be included in the concentration are marked with an orange border. The chosen electives must include at least one 4000-level course. Note that the 4000-level courses in this flowchart are not necessarily available every year.  To plan this concentration, see the Mechanical Engineering department's proposed course offerings schedule.



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