Materials, Micro-Devices and Nanotechnology

Professor Harold Evensen

Professor Evensen's Homepage

Professor Evensen has primary research interests in carbon nanotube (CNT) -based electronics and sensors. Recent work, done with the Advanced Materials for Energy and Electronics group at UW-Madison, focused on creating large-scale monolayers of aligned, semiconducting nanotubes.  These were used by the group to create the first CNT transistor to out-perform silicon.  Current research at UW-Platteville uses the aligned semiconducting CNTs to investigate their use in a novel field-emission transistor.  Additionally, ongoing work with students investigates the use of CNT transistors as optical sensors and gas sensors.

Assistant Professor Yan Wu

Professor Wu's Homepage

Assistant Professor Yan Wu’s primary research interest is scanning probe microscopy based nanometer scale material characterization. Applications include a variety of interdisciplinary aspects: nanoscale materials and structures for energy conversion and storage, nanoelectronics, biomolecular engineering and devices, interfacial phenomena and nanomaterial interactions with biological materials, and nanofluidics.

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