Doyle St.John

W. Doyle St.John, Ph.D., P.E.


PhD, MS, Oklahoma State University

BS, Tulsa University


217 Engineering Hall

(608) 342-1481


Professional Interests

My main interests are optical metrology and electronics applied to the design of small, automated instruments.

Recent Professional Activity


W. Doyle St.John “A Robust Automated Instrument for Measuring the Focal Length of a Lens”, J. of Optical Engineering, Vol.51, No.4, 043601-1 to -6, 2012.

W. Doyle St.John “Determination of the beam centroid of an abstructed focused Gaussian laser beam”, Applied Optics, Vol. 48, No. 22, pp.4501-4505, 2009.

W. Doyle St.John "Cylinder Gauge Measurement Using a Position Sensitive Detector", Applied Optics, Vol. 46, No. 30, pp.7469-7474, 2007.

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