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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics


  1. emphasize physics and engineering principles with design
  2. provide diverse hands-on experiences to prepare the EP graduate for the demands of laboratory or manufacturing environments
  3. teach strong communication and team working skills

Basic Outline

  • 130 credits including 56 credits of engineering.
  • Engineering credits divided nearly equally between (1) engineering physics (EP) core, (2) required electrical (EE) and mechanical (ME) engineering science, and (3) professional engineering electives.
  • EP core covers the basic areas of physics with a special emphasis placed on practical problem solving including design.
  • Required core courses in ME and EE provide the necessary prerequisites for further study in these two areas.
  • Professional engineering concentration consists of electives allowing the student to tailor the program to suit individual interests by selecting courses in EE and ME as well as some courses in software or industrial engineering.
  • Students are free to choose their own professional electives (subject to some constraints), but are encouraged to select from several preconfigured concentrations.

Required Courses

Four-Year Planner

(Refer to the UW-Platteville catalog for course descriptions.)

Mathematics and Computer Science (21 credits)

  • Math 2640 Calculus I (4 cr)
  • Math 2740 Calculus II (4 cr)
  • Math 2840 Calculus III (4 cr)
  • Math 3630 Differential Equations (3 cr)
  • Math Elective (3 cr)
  • COSC 1430 Intro. to C++ (3 cr)

Natural Science (17 credits)

  • Chem 1450 Chemistry for Engineers (5 cr)
  • Phys 2240 General Physics I (4 cr)
  • Phys 2340 General Physics II (4 cr)
  • Phys 3140 Modern Physics (4 cr)

Engineering Physics (21 credits)

  • EP 3240 Applied Mechanics (4 cr)
  • EP 3640 Electric & Magnetic Fields (4 cr)
  • EP 4010 EP Lab (2 cr)
  • EP 4140 Applied Optics (4 cr)
  • EP 4210 Sensor Lab (2 cr)
  • EP 4220 Applications of Modern Physics (2 cr)
  • EP 4930 EP Design (3 cr)

Engineering (23/22 credits)

  • GE 1000 Engineering Success Skill (1 cr)
  • GE 1030 Introduction to Engineering Projects (1 cr)
  • GE 2030 Engineering Modeling and Design (3 cr)
  • GE 2130 Statics (3 cr)
  • GE 2340 Mechanics of Materials (4 cr)
  • Or GE 2630 Thermoscience (3 cr)
  • EE 1210 Circuits I (3 cr)
  • EE 2210 Circuits II (4 cr)
  • EE 2220 Signals and Systems (4 cr)

Professional Electives (17/18 credits)

While students are free to choose the electives, we encourage them to select one of the preconfigured concentrations listed below. These are described in more detail on our concentrations webpage and in the four-year planner.

  • controls
  • electronics/communications
  • mechanical design
  • electric power
  • energy conversion (or thermo-fluid systems)
  • software/digital
  • biomedical engineering

General Education (31 credits)

To graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, all students must complete a set of General Education requirements in the liberal arts, including courses in the humanities, social sciences and physical education. Students can choose from a wide selection of courses to satisfy these requirements, as outlined in the university's General Education webpage.

Total 130 credits

  • All Physics or Engineering Physics courses which are prerequisites for later courses in the major must be completed with a C or better.
  • An EP major must have a GPA of 2.00 for all 3000/4000 engineering courses.
  • Only one "D" in required Engineering Physics courses may be counted toward graduation.

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