Alumnus Don Kruger, 2003

Hello, my name is Don Kruger. I am pleased that you have found the Engineering Physics (EP) program at the University of Wisconsin–Platteville of interest in your continuing education. As a graduate of the EP program, I can say with experience that participating, graduating and purposefully using the skills and knowledge greatly expanded my capacity to work effectively in a fast paced, competitive environment.

Face the fact, the job market for engineers is diverse, ranging from entry level applications to project management and product design. The EP program at UW-Platteville prepares graduates with an education that matches the demands of today’s engineering job place. The EP program also primes graduates with the aptitude necessary to adapt to and succeed in the continually changing job market of the future.

In my current role as a Product Designer for John Deere, Worldwide Construction and Forestry Division, I have specialized in designing backhoe electrical systems for the entire fleet of the next series of John Deere backhoes to be introduced to the market. This is an exciting time to be a member of the backhoe team at John Deere as we introduce the newest technology that backhoes will have to offer in the market. You can read about the introduction of the “Total Machine Control” option by selecting this link. Introducing the most advanced technology at a feasible price means sourcing technology from both domestic as well as international manufacturers. During the design program at John Deere I continue to work with manufacturers from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden to name a few. In September of 2005, I will be traveling to visit some of those manufacturers. As a Product Designer, one can expect to work closely with other manufacturers that either need your company’s products or, as in my case, need other manufacturers’ products to design and build products.

Today more than ever, as manufacturers offer products that help their customers become more productive and profitable, products are requiring the most advanced technology available. The EP program at UW-Platteville is the program that will prepare you with the skills you will need to grow and mature in your years following your college graduation.

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