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*When planning to take a math course at another college or university, it is advised that you get it pre-approved by the math department chair. If approved, the credits for the course will transfer and count towards your math requirement, but the grade will not be counted in your GPA. Repeated courses taken at another institution (including UW-System) will not replace the F/D earned at UW-Platteville. For engineering majors, the grade earned at another institution will be used to calculate your Core GPA.

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Academic action planS (AAP)

Academic Action Plans help students:

  • Set goals to improve academic success
  • Provide self-assessment
  • Evaluate your approach to academic coursework and make changes as needed
  • Indentify obstacles from pervious semesters that impacted your academic success
  • Come up with an action plan to improve academic success
  • Find resources to reach your goals
  • Provide accountablility with regular meetings and grade reports (option
  • Build a relationship with an advisor who can help keep you on track and be successful

AAP's are for students who are on probation with the university or general engineering or any student who would like to improve his or her academic performance.  If you feel you need assistance in any of the areas above, please contact of our professional advisors for an appointment.  Directions for making an appointment in office 365.

  1. Academic Action Plan for university probation
  2. Academic Action Plan for general engineering
  3. Academic Action Plan for EMS students seeking academic guidance
  4. Academic Progress Report (grade check)
  5. Campus Resources PDF


CORE GPA (engineering only)

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