Steps to follow if you are interested in obtaining an engineering co-op:

  1. Attend the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science (EMS) co-op informational meeting. (Click on upcoming events for date and location of this meeting) NOTE: Career Center staff will be attending to assist with questions.
  2. Pick-up Co-op Procedure Information from 149 Ottensman Hall if you cannot attend the informational meeting.
  3. Make an appointment with the Career Center staff to review/create your résumé, discuss interview techniques, and/or schedule a mock interview (608.342.1183).
  4. After you have met with a Career Center staff member, you will register in UWPioneer Career Network:
    • Student Profile
    • Résumé
    • References (three are recommended)
    • You must indicate if you are seeking an EMS co-op position and what semester under "Additional Info” in your Profile.
  5. Once you have registered in UWPioneer Career Network, you will not be active for a co-op position until your status is approved by the College of EMS Student Services Office, 149 Ottensman. Please allow two to three days for approval and access in UWPioneer Career Network.
  6. Review and apply for co-op positions in your area of study on the UWPioneer Career Network. Read position descriptions carefully. Apply only to those positions where you meet the qualifications.
  7. Check Daily: UWPioneer Career Network for communications from employers and/or new job postings
    • Co-op and major department’s Bulletin Board for new possibilities
    • UW-Platteville e-mail accounts – If you do not use your UW-Platteville e-mail account as your primary source, you will need to make sure that it will roll over.
  8. Scheduling of interviews: If selected by employer on UWPioneer Career Network, sign up for a time to interview.
  9. Homework:
    • Review literature on employers/companies located in Career Center.
    • Review websites on employers/companies.
    • Check calendar for events.  We strongly suggest if interviewing with an employer, that you attend their Employer Information Session.
    • Establish your list of interview questions.
  10. Interview:
    • Double Check:
      • Date
      • Time
      • Location
      • Cancellation and No Show Policy
    • Appropriately dressed
    • Bring extra résumés, unofficial copies of transcripts, and references
    • Bring your interview questions
    • Collect business cards from interviewer(s)
  11. After Interview:
    • Send or e-mail a formal/professional "thank you" letter to each interviewer within 24 hours
    • Watch e-mails for communications from companies (be sure to respond)
  12. Second Interviews:
    • On-site interviews as required
      • Be sure to ask for proper dress
      • Bring interview questions (This could be a new set of questions.)
      • Bring copies of résumés, unofficial copies of transcripts, and references (approximately 6 of each)
    • Collect business cards for "thank you" letters
    • Send or e-mail formal/professional "thank you" letters
  13. Accepting a Position:
    • If you have any questions about accepting a co-op position, see Jean Olson  in the Student Services office, 149 Ottensman Hall.
    • Bring copy of an official offer letter from the company to the College of EMS Student Services office, 149 Ottensman.
    • Go to Financial Aid office, Brigham Hall, if applicable
    • You will be removed from co-op status in UWPioneer Career Network.

Do co-op, have fun! If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.

NOTE:  Check on your personal medical insurance to determine if you have coverage while on co-op.  You may wish to check with your parent(s), your co-op employer (to see if they provide coverage), or with Student Health Services, Royce Hall, about the private health care insurance available through UW-Platteville.

If you obtain an international co-op, there may be additional requirements. See Jean Olsen, College of EMS Student Services office, 149 Ottensman Hall.


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