Proposed Course Offerings

Course Name of Course S'14 F'14 S'15 F'15 S'16 F'16 S'17 F'17
3130 Solid State Electronic Devices   M   M   M   M
4010 UHF Amplifier Design Available Upon Request
4020 UHF Oscillator Design Available Upon Request
4040 Analog IC Design X       X      
4050 Advanced Analog Electronic Circuits     X       X  
4310 Modern Control Systems     X       X  
4320 Digital Signal Processing X       X      
4430 Power Electronics and Electrical Machines       R       R
4440 Electric Motor Drives   R       R    

X = class is planned on being offered this term
M = course counts towards a minor im MEMS-Nanomaterials
R = course counts towards a minor in Renewables

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