Steps to a Teaching Career

The School of Education (SoE) has a strong commitment to the preparation of good teachers who think critically and who can teach with great skill, knowledge, and understanding. SoE faculty and licensure programs prepare teacher candidates for successful completion of state licensure by following the scaffolding of learning:

  1. Introducing required components within introductory courses.
  2. Providing extended practice within professional education and some content area courses.
  3. Assigning signature assessments in the final professional education course sequence.

This webpage has been prepared to assist teacher candidates as they seek admission to the SoE and to the clinical components of the teacher education program.

Intro to Education

Teacher candidates should complete TCHG 1230 Intro to Education or HHP 2320 Intro to PE and Health during their freshman year or if a transfer student, the first semester s/he enters UW-Platteville. Introduction to Education is designed to help students begin the development of some of the components of a passionate teacher.  Students will read about and discuss the learner and learning process. Teacher candidates will have opportunities to observe experienced teachers at work and to witness and/or discuss other school functions. During this course, students will review the requirements to be admitted to the School of Education, submit the School of Education application and complete the admission portfolio.

Criminal Background Checks

Teacher education courses require many hours of classroom observation, service learning, and clinical experiences in public and private schools. Students who enter into these schools to complete requirements for the UW-Platteville teacher education program must provide proof of a current satisfactory criminal background check. Typically this is first ordered during TCHG 1230 Intro to Education or HHP 2320 Intro to PE and Health.  Background checks are good for two years. The cost for an initial background check using Castle Branch is $42 and $19 thereafter. Please see the instructions  on how to order.


Taskstream is a web-based electronic portfolio tool, assessment management, and standards-based instruction solution to showcase learning over time.  Taskstream allows students to upload assignments from each core education course for evaluation.  Education students are required to purchase a subscription to complete the required assessments during their 4 year education program.  Subscriptions can be purchased for one semester or up to six years but most students purchase enough to get them through student teaching.  The cost is not included in tuition fees.  Fees below are approximate.

Payment and Pricing Information
1 semester 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years
$29.99 $49.99 $79.99 $102.99 $109.99 $124.99 $134.99

For edTPA, Taskstream provides the secure transfer of required artifacts from Taskstream to Pearson for official scoring by trained and calibrated scorers.


Students should complete the Praxis Core the first year they are on campus, or effective 9/1/2013, candidates can meet the basic skills requirement if one of the following are met.  Scores presented for the purposes of admission must be the result of exams taken within the last 10 years. 

• ACT Plus Writing: Composite score of at least 22 and a Combined English/Writing score of at least 20
• ACT Test: Composite score of at least 23 with minimum sub-scores of 20 on English, 20 on Mathematics, and 20 on Reading
• SAT: Minimum sub-scores of 520 on Mathematics, 510 on Reading, and 480 on Writing
• GRE Current Scale (August 1, 2011 to present): Minimum sub-scores of 145 on Quantitative Reasoning, 150 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing.
• GRE Old Scale (Prior to August 1, 2011) Minimum sub-scores of 540 on Quantitative Reasoning, 450 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing.

Transfer students should complete the Praxis Core either prior to attending or by the end of the first semester if the ACT/SAT/GRE scores do not apply.

Praxis Core study materials are available in the Instructional Materials Lab (IML) on the third floor of the Karrmann Library. Students must pass the Praxis Core in reading, writing, and mathematics or have adequate scores in the ACT, SAT, or GRE in order to be admitted into the School of Education.

Target SoE Admission Date

The School of Education recommends that all students be admitted to the SoE by the end of their third semester.

Transfer students should apply for admission to the SoE during their first semester on campus, but they will not be eligible for admission until they have earned at least 15 credits at UW-Platteville and have completed the other admission requirements.

The SoE has identified courses that may be taken only by teacher candidates who have been admitted to the SoE. The courses will be restricted until all admission requirements have been met.


Teacher candidates who have been denied admission to the SoE or to student teaching may file an appeal with the chair of the Teacher Education Committee.  The committee meets once a semester, in October and March. An application can be picked up in the Education Office of Special Programs (EOSP) in 134 Doudna Hall. Exceptions to the established passing score on Praxis Core may be granted to no more than 10 percent of the total number of teacher candidates admitted to the program during each admission period. Because of circumstances and a limitation on the number of waivers permitted, no candidate is guaranteed a waiver.

A teacher candidate has an opportunity to be awarded only one waiver (e.g., a waiver on one part of the Core). To be considered for a waiver on one part of the Praxis Core, the student must have attempted that part at least three times and be within three points of the passing score.

Praxis Subject Assessments (formerly the Praxis II)

Students will need to have a passing score on their content test prior to the Clinical Experiences office finding a student teaching placement. Visit the Clinical Experiences website for deadlines for student teaching requirements. Advisors and students should discuss the best time to complete their content test. This can vary by program.

Admission to Student Teaching

Teacher candidates should apply for admission to student teaching in December preceding the academic year in which the clinical experience will take place. In November or December, a meeting will be held for teacher candidates to request a student teaching placement. The time and place of this meeting will be well publicized. The Clinical Experiences office makes all student teaching and internship arrangements. Teacher candidates are not to make their own arrangements.

Career and Professional Development Office

Prior to student teaching, teacher candidates should contact the UW-Platteville Career and Professional Development Office (CPDO) to have their resume reviewed and discuss strategies on securing strong recommendations and developing interview skills.  

CPDO counselors offer assistance to all teacher candidates with the process of developing a resume and cover letter, as well as offer strategies on securing recommendations from professionals in the field.  CPDO counselors are available during the student-teaching experience via e-mail and phone to assist students in refining job search documents. 

The CPDO has information on job search tools, such as Pioneer Career Network (PCN) and educational recruitment fairs (in and out of state), to assist in securing a first teaching job.

Licensure Application

In Wisconsin, teacher certification programs must be approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Approved programs are courses of study developed by teacher education institutions and presented to the DPI for approval. Upon successful completion of an approved program and appropriate content area tests, a person will be endorsed or recommended for licensure to teach in Wisconsin (or any other state). Licensure is not automatic. Prospective teachers must file an application for a teaching license in Wisconsin and/or other state(s) where they might be employed.

Teacher candidates must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.750 (Note: 3.00 required in professional education, elementary core, and minor for early childhood-middle childhood, B-11 students.  A GPA of 3.00 is required in professional education & elementary core for the MC-EA), not including student teaching/internship, and grades of "C-" or better in all required professional education and content courses to be recommended for a teacher's license. Other requirements include passing the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) content(s) and the WI Foundations of Reading test for the Elementary EC-MC & MC-EA programs. 

Students completing a teacher-education program and seeking a teaching license in Wisconsin after August 31, 2015 will also be required to submit an edTPA portfolio to Pearson for scoring.  All candidates who complete programs after August 31, 2016 must pass an edTPA portfolio for licensure.

Applications for Wisconsin teaching licenses are located on the DPI website.

To apply for a license from another state, teacher candidates should contact the State Superintendent of Education in that state to request a license or follow the directions on the 50 States Certification website. All completed applications should be submitted to the UW-Platteville SoE office, 139 Doudna Hall, since they require verification of program completion and the certification officer's endorsement.

Education students will incur fees beyond tuition due to external licensing and assessment requirements.

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