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We are proud to offer a variety of certification opportunities for teachers who are seeking to add additional licensure areas to their present licenses.

Cross-Categorical Special Education (801)

With this licensure teachers can teach students with cognitive, specific learning, and/or emotional behavioral disabilities, at the same developmental level as their regular education license. More info...

Educational Administration (51)

Upon completion of this program you will receive a Principal (51) license, permitting a person to serve as a principal or an assistant principal in an elementary, middle or secondary level school. More info...


The ESL program (License #395) enables educators to educate English language learners towards becoming proficient in academic English, preparing them for their continued education and career. More info...

Reading Teacher (316)

Teachers who have successfully completed this program will acquire the background and knowledge to work with all learners, especially readers who have problems at different levels. More info...

Reading Specialist (17)

A Reading Specialist license is required for someone who directs reading programs or works with reading teachers, classroom teacher, administrators, and others as a resource teacher in reading. More info...

Teacher of Visually Impaired

The Teacher of Visually Impaired Program is designed to prepare teachers through instruction and practice in Braille, orientation, mobility, methods, and strategies. The coursework and practicums will provide the in-depth knowledge and experiences for the teacher of the visually impaired.  More info...

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